DS Group uses recycled-PET packaging for its popular Pulse candy

DS Group uses recycled-PET for its popular Pulse candy

On world environment day this year, DS group introduced PET Jar using recycled-PET for its popular Pulse candy packaging.

In the last couple of decades consumerism has increased at an alarming pace and so has the quantum of waste; which has led to serious waste management issues. Reuse of materials and waste utilization is not widely prevalent in the production-consumption cycle. 

Packaging is an unavoidable part of this development, as it protects, preserves, enhances, disperses information, acts as a marketing tool and allows for safe transportation. The packaging sector consumes significantly large quantities of plastics. The increasing environmental pressure on the economic system requires a reconsideration of our economic paradigm. It is imperative that it consciously shifts its consumption preferences to recycled and reusable material.  

The world is heading towards an “ecological credit crunch” and is under severe ecological debt as we are over-utilising the natural resources without replenishing, and this crisis is far worse than all the financial and health crisis mankind has ever faced. This urges societies, corporates around the world to increase the efficiency of natural resources use and to reduce the overall environmental impact. Reusable, recycled packaging has been suggested as an option to significantly reduce environmental impacts.

DS Group uses recycled-PET for its popular Pulse candyOn world environment day this year, DS group introduced PET Jar using recycled- PET for its popular Pulse candy packaging. Recycled PET, also known as R-PET is made with recyclable material is environmentally friendly and has a much lower Carbon Footprint compared to using Virgin PET. rPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials. collected, sorted, cleaned and shredded, after which it is transformed into rPET, which can then be used for new packaging format.

 The added benefit of using R-PET is that it primarily made from recycled material and works in contrast to “Take-Make-Waste” model and aims to create a closed loop system minimizing the use of resource input and generation of waste and pollution. 

Detailed study on LCA & other statutory approvals are available with the company.

The DS Group is committed to the mission of Green enabling by Social, Structural and Economic transformation that will drive sustainability in its business. As a committed corporate citizen, the Group aims to create a closed loop system that minimizes the use of resources, creation of waste, pollution and carbon emission. The use of R PET in popular confectionery brand ‘Pulse’, the leader in hard boiled candy segment is a small step towards environment sustainability and circular economy. The PET Jar is made from a combination of virgin and recycled PET granules, which means that the waste from eco system is being reused into packaging and minimizes burden on the planet. The company is also targeting Industrial ecology and blue economy by working towards reducing resource depletion and environmental pollution.

Sanjay Gupta is VP, Corporate Procurement and Packaging Development DS Group, Noida

An experienced marketer, innovator and disrupter, Sanjay has been a part of the DS Family since 2001. He has worn various hats before his role in DS. He headed the Marketing and Operations at Stellar Industries, since 1986. At DS, Sanjay took up Packaging Procurement for the now USD 1 Bn company.

With innovation and dynamism as his core persona, Sanjay heads the DS’s packaging development lab. It is his firm belief that an industry leader must first lead with innovation, that has led many many packaging success stories for the company.

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