Brilliant Polymers Sustainable Growth Plan

Brilliant Polymers Sustainable Growth Plan

Every business is inextricably linked with the environment and the community in which it operates. We believe that a business can only be successful in the long term by creating value both for its shareholders and for society at large.

At Brilliant Polymers we believe that we have a responsibility to deliver business growth while having a positive impact on people and the planet. Our aim is to be a business that delivers value to all stakeholders – economically, socially and environmentally.

To achieve this, we have formulated the Brilliant Polymers Sustainable Growth Plan: this is our bold ambition to decouple our growth from our environmental footprint, while increasing our positive social impact.

Our Plan is rooted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has three main pillars: economic, environmental and social.

1. Economic Sustainability & Corporate Governance

At the outset, we believe that strong corporate governance is the foundation of any successful and sustainable business. Brilliant Polymers prides itself on a comprehensive and transparent internal system of practices, controls and procedures which facilitates effective decision-making.

In addition to good governance, we believe a business must be profitable to be sustainable. We have a young, dynamic team and an agile and resilient business model that has allowed us to adapt to the changing market landscape and meet our customers’ needs. This has helped us to continue our track record of robust growth despite the challenging global environment.

2. Environmental Sustainability

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge of our time. We aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations even as our business grows and strive to achieve net carbon neutrality.

Our efforts in this area are divided into four categories:

1. Innovating new adhesive technologies which enable energy conservation by requiring less heat and decreased waste in production. Our innovations benefit all stakeholders: our customers, our business and the environment.
We are promoting increased use of solvent-free laminating adhesives. In addition to significant cost savings, these have numerous environmental advantages:

  • no volatile emissions as they do not contain solvent
  •  reduced energy consumption as no energy is needed to evaporate solvent from the mixed adhesive
  •  efficient adhesive application and deposition resulting from advanced adhesive systems
    which in turn lead to source reduction of packaging material waste during the
    manufacturing process, energy and cost savings and reliability over time.

Innovating New Adhesive Technologies

Brilliant Polymers Managing Director Gaurav Talwar says, “Our initial focus has been on changing standard performance applications to solvent-free adhesive technology and we are now helping increasing numbers of customers throughout the industry migrate their medium and high performance applications such larger pack sizes or more aggressive goods to solvent-free technology.”

2. Actively leading new collaborations to discover and scale solutions
To help us offset our carbon footprint, we have partnered with NGO SankalpTaru to create Project Kalpavriksha: an initiative to plant fruit-bearing trees on the land of farmers in rural Maharashtra. In addition to enhancing the green cover of our planet and helping us on our path to carbon neutrality, Project Kalpavriksha also creates a sustainable livelihood for rural communities. 2000 trees have been planted under this initiative in the past 12 months which will absorb 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the coming years.

Project Kalpavriksha

3. Improving the eco-efficiency of our manufacturing site and offices
Our plants and offices have been designed to ensure adequate ventilation and illumination during daylight hours thus reducing electricity consumption and heat generation. The use of LED lighting throughout our new plant enhances energy efficiency and reduces waste; the lifespan of an LED bulb is up to 20 times longer than a traditional bulb. Further, unlike traditional bulbs, LED based bulbs do not contain mercury and therefore do not contaminate the environment.

We have collaborated with a Maharashtra Pollution Control Board authorized plastic waste recycler to dispose of plastic waste generated from our raw material packaging.

We recognize the environmental impact of corporate IT systems and are evaluating ways to establish a green IT strategy including responsible use of hardware, software and recycling of e-waste.

4. Closing the plastic loop
Plastic is very valuable: it helps us get essential products to consumers safely and efficiently and it is often the lowest carbon footprint option compared to other materials. However, far too much plastic ends up in our environment. We need to remedy this by keeping plastic in use for as long as possible in a circular loop system by collecting, processing and repeatedly reusing it. Brilliant Polymers is committed to working towards end-of-life solutions for flexible packaging materials and to working with customers and brand owners for long-term solutions.

3. Social Sustainability

We believe that a sustainable business should have the support of all its stakeholders including its employees and the community in which it operates. We are committed to taking care of our people by:

  • Having clear and fair HR policies and providing all employees with best-in-class benefits including:-comprehensive medical & Covid-19 insurance as well as Personal Accident and Life Insurance Policies
    – best in class retirement benefits
  • Making workplace safety a priority by maintaining a regular and comprehensive program of drills, training sessions and safety briefings that are in line with global best practices.
  • Providing a work environment that supports diversity, trust, equal opportunities and is free from discrimination.

We are committed to creating a positive social impact on our community through a number of collaborative partnerships:

    • We have partnered with NGO Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) to adopt a children’s home in Ulhasnagar. The aim of the partnership is to create a sustainable improvement in the standards of healthcare, hygiene, nutrition and education provided to the children. As a follow-up to this initiative, Brilliant is working with CSA to provide livelihood and aftercare support to young adults and care leavers across 4 states by providing them with further education opportunities, vocational training and career advice.
    • Brilliant Polymers has collaborated with CRY India for the launch of a program aimed at reducing child marriages in India. The program covers 50 villages in rural Maharashtra and adopts a multi-dimensional strategy including increasing access to education among young girls.
    • We have partnered with CRY India to provide digital e-learning devices to underprivileged children in Maharashtra thereby enhancing access to online education and ensuring that learning is not interrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • We have collaborated with Seva Sadan, an organization with a mission to educate and empower under privileged children in the local community thereby helping them to break the cycle of poverty and social deprivation.

Collaboration with Seva Sadan

    • Brilliant has been actively involved in a number of COVID-19 relief projects including:
      1. a company-wide vaccination drive to vaccinate all employees and their families against COVID-19;
      2. a fleet of auto-rickshaw ambulances set up in collaboration with the local municipal authority to provide a quick, reliable and cost-effective means of transport to local hospitals;
      3. a contribution towards setting up an oxygen plant in the area to help meet the oxygen requirement of local hospitals;
      4. a number of relief operations to provide essential food and medical supplies to those in need.

The Brilliant Polymers Sustainable Growth Plan puts sustainability at the core of our business strategy and as we continue our journey in this resource-constrained, climate-impacted world we believe that a robust sustainability strategy is a prerequisite for survival and success.


Established in 2011, Brilliant Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Is the leader in supply of laminating adhesives for flexible packaging in India. Its solutions include a comprehensive range of solvent based and solvent free adhesives. End use applications include food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other industrial applications. It operates a state of the art manufacturing facility in Ambernath, Maharashtra and reaches customers all over India and over two dozen countries through local warehouses and channel partners.

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