“Speciality Adhesives in Plastic Packaging”

Speciality Adhesives

In today’s competitive market, use of Speciality adhesives can be looked as one of the value addition tools as beneficial for Converters and consumers. This can be categorised under –

– Food Safety for consumers
– Productivity improvement to reduce carbon footprint
– Social responsibility

Food safety is one of the biggest concerns globally and it is converter’s responsibility to supply laminates free from Primary Aromatic Amines and other prohibited migratory substances to their end user. Off course, this is depend upon various factors like  raw materials used for laminates such as films, Adhesives, inks, manufacturing process etc. It is necessary that the laminates used for Food packaging should be in compliance with various regulations followed in respective countries like EU Standards, US FDA, GB 9685, FSSAI etc. As far as adhesives are concerned, Solvent based and Solvent free adhesives are available with super smart cure technologies that ensures laminates are in compliance with global standards of extremely low migration limits within 3-5 days of cure. Though converter may use right grade of adhesive ,  films used for lamination, Humidity and storage temperature also plays the role to achieve migration limits in short time. One can use Aliphatic solvent based and solvent free adhesives to get rid off Primary Aromatic Amines. It is important to use Bis-phenol A free adhesives for laminates used for Food packaging, as being banned in some countries considering food safety. Morchem has range of solvent based and solvent free adhesives in both aromatic and aliphatic chemistry to satisfy demands of Food safety by converters and end users .

In past few years, the trend has been changed from Solvent based adhesive technology to solvent free adhesives technology to improve productivity and economical production catering general performance market like snack food, small packs etc. Now, High performance solvent free adhesives available in both Aromatic and Aliphatic chemistry to suit aggressive applications like hot fill, Retort, Mocro-ovenable packaged foods and so on. This allows converters not only to improve productivity but also a cost effective solution keeping limited usage of solvents and maintaining safe & healthier environment. Morchem has proven range of high performance Solvent free adhesives used for such aggressive applications. Use of high application solids solvent based adhesives can be also considered as one of the eco-friendly option , which helps in less handling of solvents as well as low emission of solvent in atmosphere.

Composability and biodegradability laminates is related to the Social / environmental responsibility. “Composability” in relation to adhesives for packaging has in any case to be seen in conjunction with the composability of the substrate. Like Bio-degradable & Compostable films available in Market, bio-degradable and compostable adhesive is now available to meet the requirements.

Morchem PS 255 ECO/CS-95 is a solvent-based compostable adhesive developed with an increased compostability factor versus competitive systems and designed to meet the requirements of the ?exible packaging convertor , which  complies with EN 13432:2000.

If converters wants to adopt green technology and control global warming it is necessary to use speciality adhesives that will help to ensure safe and healthy future.

Executive Director at Morchem Pvt Ltd., India

Nearly Three decades of experience in various Food and Flexible Packaging Adhesives Industries in Business Development , Quality Assurance, Technical Services , Product & Packaging Development. Global exposure to Flexible Packaging adhesives business in countries in Asia -Pacific , Middle East , Africa etc.

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