Digital Transformation

We can look at digital transformation as the integration of digital technologies into all areas of a business. Consequently, this will translate into how you operate and deliver value to customers. Digital transformation goes beyond technical aspects and it is simultaneously a cultural shift which requires organizations to challenge traditional values and status quo in order to go down the road of experimentation and innovation. In order for this path to be successful, it is essential to get comfortable with failure, trust in technology to solve pre-existing problems and prioritize educational training to the workforce.

More and more, the input of human operators is not a key necessity anymore due to the way computers and automation have come together. Systems have evolved to be almost entirely independent through machine learning, algorithms and artificial intelligence. This is what we call the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Industry 4.0 which has impacted businesses in a big way.

This revolution has significantly closed the gap between IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) and it is made up by some key ingredients such as: IoT, test automation and digital twins. All of these key pieces of the puzzle are essential to combine the physical and virtual worlds together and create what we call the smart factory and smart manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry has been in the forefront of all these changes resulting in the merging of traditional manufacturing and technological innovation. This is obviously forcing manufacturers to either adapt quickly or fall behind Industry 4.0 and the packaging industry is no different. This has caused a great development which results in the increasing capacity to innovate sustainably, be efficient and optimize productivity.

It is certain that change brings challenges and, consequently, the need for increased capacity to adapt to a new reality. Still, it is impossible to feel indifferent about the great benefits this revolution has bringed to the industry: from increased test reliability and efficiency to cost reduction and improved product quality.

In order to satiate your curiosity to learn more about this topic, we share with you PackIOT’s white paper on Digital Transformation for the Packaging Industry, for free. PackIOT is a startup and the first analytics software for the packaging industry. It helps manufacturers to be more efficient through the data insights PackIOT is able to provide.

Feel free to go ahead and download the white paper here. This is the perfect start to stay one step ahead of what to expect with Industry 4.0 and how it is changing the packaging industry.

Some key subjects covered by this free white paper are:

● What is real and what is hype in Industry 4.0?
● How to start adopting Industry 4.0?
● Industry 4.0 Implementation Challenges
● How can SMB be part of Industry 4.0?
● How Industry 4.0 translates to Packaging Manufacturing
● What does the future hold for Industry 4.0 and Packaging?

The time is now and the opportunity is here to leverage your competitive advantages with industry 4.0!

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Free White Paper: Digital Transformation For The Packaging Industry

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