The paper deliberates  two concepts; the first is in using data to understand our world, which, by the way, is becoming increasingly important as a science from which we can derive trends to create models and forecasts. The second is our human footprint, an increasingly valid means to justify implementing circular systems into our economy and everyday lives. 


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About the author

Dr Sameer Joshi

Member Environment And Plastic Image Committee,
PlastIndia Foundation

Dr. Sameer Joshi is a Member Governing Council Indian Plastics Institute and Senior Member Society of Plastic Engineers USA. He has his own plastic injection moulding unit in Pune since last 22 years.

He is a Chartered Engineer and Approved Valuer for Plant and Machinery, as well as an Editor of Plastic Directories. He has completed his PHD on topic: Analysis of role of various stake holders in Plastic waste management in 2017.


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