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One of the effects of the coronarvirus pandemic is that consumer behaviour in terms of buying and consuming goods has changed in line with restricted supplies and access to retail sites.  Alongside this, typical trends in on-the-go purchases have evaporated, none more so than in beverage consumption.  PET resin is the most commonly used resin to package bottled water and soft drinks as well as food products, although usage in other areas is also growing due to its superior recyclability.

PET resin demand typically exhibits seasonal patterns. In Q2 as temperatures begin to rise and the European holiday season begins, the demand for PET resin increases. Bottled water and soft drink sales increase in line with warm, dry weather and convertors will stock up on resin ahead of the expected peak in sales. Demand is often weakest in Q1 when temperatures are at their lowest and the demand from the festive period wanes.


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