Eka Global is the leader in manufacturing of  High Barrier Rigid Longevity Packaging. This paper explains how Eka Global develops and brings innovative products to the market to help consumers “live a healthier lifestyle”. Applications range from MAP, HPP to range of thermal sterilization.  Eka Global supports customers to grow their business with new products while practising the concept of circular economy to save the mother nature.

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About the author

Vivek Chougule

Vivek Chougule  is the Managing Director, Eka Pak Global India

Vivek brings with him 20 years of advanced food packaging and processing technology experience to the job. He has significant commercial know-how in the areas of innovative packaging technologies as well as thermal & non-thermal food processing. The main focus of his work has been in the area of shelf-life extension for a broad range of products.

Vivek worked with Printpack for 13 years, in the US for the first six then in Asia where he accumulated expertise and insights into strategic collaborations, new technologies, market research and production. In his current role at Eka Global, he is responsible for developing new applications and commercializing new technologies for the Asia market.

Vivek obtained his MBA from the College of William & Mary (USA) and holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering & Packaging Science from Clemson University (USA).


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