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Security Solutions for the counterfeiting menace in the Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The life sciences industry and regulators around the world are facing many challenges in protecting the safety of patients. Poor visibility across the supply chain has led to proliferation of drug-related criminal activities such as drug counterfeiting, illegal diversion, and theft. It has also caused inefficiencies to surface across supply chain functions. This not only hampers the brand equity of pharmaceutical companies but also puts the life of patients in serious danger. Therefore, serialization laws are fast becoming mandates in many countries.

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SCHOTT delivers pharma vials to package 2 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines

SCHOTT supports the world’s fight against COVID-19 with vials capable of holding up to 2 billion vaccination doses. The glassmaker and pharma packaging specialist has reached agreements with leading pharmaceutical companies, including partners of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ – the US government initiative to serve local vaccine production needs. The agreements become effective immediately and first vials are being delivered to companies in North America, Europe and Asia. SCHOTT is ideally positioned to meet the challenging demand situation, as it has been maintaining a global and already validated production network for decades. Even before the expansion, the company already produced more than 11 billion pharma containers for life-saving drugs per annum

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Child-Resistant Packaging
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Child-Resistant Packaging in Pharmaceuticals

Child-Resistant packing in Pharmaceuticals is kept aside, as most of the drugs packed in HDPE containers with CR Closure. But for few years many Innovator drug products are available in Child-Resistant design (Blister Pack) and most of them are patented or difficult to make generic due to various reasons such as Cost, Availability of supplier and manufacturing feasibility. There Packaging professional has to take a call on new design development or to use a certified pack design. But when coming to the level of protection (F Level) required for a specific drug is became a challenge, because getting Toxicology data is difficult to decide “F” Value.

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Temperature-Controlled Packaging
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Phase Change Materials – Game Changer For Temperature-Controlled Packaging

Covid-19 brought global supply chain to its knees. But what about the supply chain to fight the very pandemic? Collection of viral swab samples, diagnostic kits, and later, distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, all need a highly resilient and sustainable temperature-controlled supply chain. With over 70 % of 1.3 billion population still living in villages that are poorly connected to main stream transportation and are spread over a geography of 3.2 million square kilometres, temperature-controlled supply chain is a formidable challenge. Pluss Advanced Technologies, an Indian Innovator, ticks all checkboxes with their patented Phase Change Material (PCM) based temperature-controlled packaging- Celsure®, that is designed to provide over 120 hours of backup against the Indian extreme tropical climate without the risk of freezing the products.

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Global Standards
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Global Standards and Compliance on ISO/IEC Barcode Verification for Pharma as per Serialisation

To meet the regulated health care guidelines it is important for the pharma manufacturers and their packaging suppliers are aware of global standards and have the ability to verify their packaging and labelling as per globally specified standards. The methods for accurately assessing and analysing design, encodation and print quality of the barode symbols is vital to ensure smooth flow of the product along the supply chain. This ofcourse covers the family of GS1 symbologies both linear as well as 2D. The importance of a stand alone judge performing the task of barcode verification helps to identify, analyse and correct errors, in addition to keep a record of quality and compliance which is vital within the industry.

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