Constantia Flexibles Pharma Packaging

Innovation on Demand – Constantia Flexibles partners on development of NC-free Inks and Primers

It is well known within the pharmaceutical industry that Constantia Flexibles is the ideal partner when it comes to developing innovative, effective solutions to today’s biggest challenges. In a recent development project, we achieved a fast turnaround on some ground-breaking new inks and primers as part of the industry-wide effort to minimize the risk of NDMA/NDEA contamination in drugs.

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AmSky blister system recyclable healthcare packaging

Amcor develops breakthrough recyclable healthcare packaging

New AmSky™ blister system, the latest in Amcor’s recent innovation breakthroughs, has the potential to transform the sustainability of healthcare packaging. Innovation eliminates PVC from blister packaging – enabling Amcor healthcare customers to improve the recyclability of their packaging.

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strides pedicare
Case Studies

Packaging for Appetizing Immunity

Strides Pharma Science Ltd., previously Strides Shasun Limited, is a globally renowned enterprise with a strong presence in international climes with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. While their front-end presence has been prominently felt in regulated markets across the West – The US, Canada, Europe and so on, Indian climes still remain relatively unexplored. However, that is slated to change rapidly. In 2016, Strides acquired Pediacare, a renowned brand specializing in pediatric cold, cough and allergy remedies from Sweden-based Moberg Pharma. By April 2020, they were poised to enter the Indian market with dietary supplements for children, in the ‘gummy’ format under Pediacare’s aegis. 

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