CRC Just One: A New Generation of Child-Resistant Closures

At the CPhI worldwide event in Milan (9–11 November 2021), the leading European fair for the pharmaceutical industry, ALPLApharma will present its latest developments in the field of packaging for the pharmaceutical sector. A highlight is the innovative yet simple child-resistant closure CRC justONE

This year’s CPhI pharmaceutical fair in Milan will see ALPLA showcasing its CRC justONE closure made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), a product that is both sustainable and extremely cost-effective, thanks to innovative technology that allows its manufacturing in just one production step.

Three production steps become one

Normally, there are three parts necessary to manufacture a childproof closure, which has a tamper-evident ring that can only be opened by simultaneously pushing and turning the closure. These parts are produced in three separate production steps and then assembled later. ALPLApharma has streamlined the production process for a significantly more efficient workflow: all parts are manufactured in just one injection-moulding process with straightforward assembly.

The improved manufacturing process reduces material consumption by up to 25 per cent, a saving that achieves an excellent price–performance ratio and sustainably protects resources. For the consumer, though, nothing changes: CRC justONE works just like any other child-resistant closure, and product safety is just as reliable.

The new closure is certified under 16 CFR §1700.20 and ISO 8317 for childproof packaging for bottles ranging from 30 millilitres to 1.5 litres. It is compatible with 28 mm standard necks used in the pharmaceutical market for glass and plastic bottles.

‘With CRC justone we have reinvented the design and manufacture of child-resistant closures. Our novel closure is produced in only one piece – unlike traditional tamper-evident crcs, which are injection-moulded as several pieces and subsequently assembled.’

Christian Zmölnig, Director Corporate Research, Development and Innovation

ALPLApharma: broad product range, more service

In October 2019, ALPLA Group, an international plastic packaging specialist, combined its expertise and services for customers in the pharmaceutical industry under the ALPLApharma brand name. This brand encompasses a larger product selection with comprehensive service at an international level.

ALPLApharma consolidates the pharma portfolio of ALPLA, with the main production plants being in Greece, Romania, Egypt and South Africa, including clean-room facilities at the Greek location. The current product portfolio includes bottles for liquids and solids, containers for tablets and pills, and closures and dispensing systems – especially eyedroppers and nasal sprays – as well as devices for administering medication with or without a measuring function. What’s more, these standardised products can be chosen and ordered with ease from the online shop (


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