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Returnable PET for Sensitive Beverages

Despite attractive environmental credentials, returnable PET containers remain a niche product. ALPLA and Krones are cooperating on a research project aimed at better realizing this packaging type’s potential. The result is a returnable PET container specially designed for chilled juices and dairy products. Objective tests provide information about microbiological safety.

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PU resin for 1K matt coating

UFLEX Unveils Breakthrough Set of Products & Solutions

Aug 14, 2021, Noida: Innovation is ‘a part of our daily lives’ at UFLEX. At the end of April – June 2021
quarter, the company announced a host of noteworthy products and solutions, across its businesses that
are set to make packaging a better experience for brands and consumers alike, especially in the wake of
changing trends in packaging.

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