Enabling a Greener Future with Sustainable Packaging

Today, with higher living standards and more diverse materials, brand values and philosophies can be communicated to consumers through packaging. Materials with unique artistic taste and visual impact help products stand out. And with the growing global circular economy, the market urgently demands green packaging that complies with higher environmental standards

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Neopac Polyfoil Tube

Neopac’s Polyfoil MMB® Tube Approved by USA’s Association of Plastic Recyclers

Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for pharma, beauty and oral care, has been granted approval for its Polyfoil® MMB mono-material barrier tube by the US-based Association of Plastic Recyclers. Offering a groundbreaking combination of product protection, user friendliness and appealing aesthetics, the tubes passed muster both with and without its thin film metallization option.

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