Market First: Albéa’s EcoFusion Top – unrivalled Weight Reduction

With the introduction of EcoFusion Top, Albéa is going a step further towards responsible packaging: The two-in-one solution allows more than 80% weight reduction compared to standard head+cap solutions providing 55%* weight reduction for the whole tube compared to standard tubes.
By designing a single open-and-close system and reducing the tube’s components to only two, Albéa makes EcoFusion Top a first on the beauty market and a new milestone in its product roadmap.
“Reducing plastic use through weight reduction is a top priority in our responsible tubes roadmap”, says Caroline Hughes, Marketing Manager Albéa Tubes. “As a single-component open-and-close breakthrough system, EcoFusion Top is the most advanced solution in weight reduction on the market. In addition, less plastic in the packaging means a smaller carbon footprint and a reduced environmental impact.”
EcoFusion Top is made from HDPE to guarantee mono-materiality and recyclability. This two-in-one system will be available with various sleeve options such as bestselling Greenleaf for laminate tubes and the Thin-WallTM  technology for extruded tubes.
In addition to being a responsible solution, this innovation is also adapted to the e-commerce market and complies with Ista-6 standard.*tube D50, 200ml, EcoFusion Top + Thin-Wall 350µm vs. standard head+cap with 500µm sleeve thickness.

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