Technologies for Brand Protection against Counterfeiting

Ep 9 – Technologies for Brand Protection against Counterfeiting with Dr Avi Chaudhuri

In this episode of Packaging Talks, Dr. Avi Chaudhari, International expert on anticounterfeiting & security labels, in conversation with Dr.R. Rangaprasad emphasizes what brand owners should consider in terms of deploying a technology on the packaging line. He reiterates there are brand protection technologies that can work with the existing package without any modification.

He explains When security labels are useful and should be considered as a brand protection solution. He also addresses a critical issue about how Brand owners rarely want to let the public know that their products are being targeted by counterfeiters & known effective ways to protect the brand without disclosing the problem to the public.

About Dr Avi Chaudhuri

Dr Avi Chaudhuri brings 15 years of experience in combating counterfeiting and has worked in multiple domains, including pharmaceuticals, FMCG products, food, beverage, and others. He got into the field because  he was a victim of a counterfeit medicine back in 2004 and has worked with multiple solution providers and authored many white papers. Most recently served as Chief Scientist at Systech International and currently works as an independent consultant to help industry combat counterfeiting through innovative packaging solutions

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Dr Rangaprasad
Dr R Rangaprasad

Dr.R.Rangaprasad is a polymer & packaging professional with over 25 years experience. He has served as Consultant at Indian Institute of Packaging Mumbai & as Director at SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre. Between 1995 & 2007, He was associated with Product Application & Research Center of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He has also conducted training & knowledge workshops at leading FMCG companies in the area of design of polyolefin materials for packaging sector.

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