Ep 7 – Packaging & Branding of Men’s Skin Care Products with Sainath Jain of Hivado

Sainath Jain (Founder – Hivado) speaks passionately about his concept & ideas for men’s skin care & grooming.

During this conversation, Sainath reveals how men from 18 to 60 are becoming increasingly conscious about skin care & are looking for new products which cater to this need. Men from metro cities to distant rural interiors now explore online for novel products.

He also highlights the challenges faced during the start up journey & how they have overcome them to establish a market niche.

Sainath also is conscious of the importance of packaging in designing, branding to attract customers in an attention span of 30 seconds during an online search. He is also committed to address sustainability issues in the packaging formats deployed at Hivado.

About Sainath Jain

Sainath holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from the RV College of Engineering. He then went on to graduate from the ESSEC Business School in Paris, with a specialization in Business Administration and Luxury Brand Management.

In 2014, he attended the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program where his team was incubated for OUISKIN, a skincare startup. During his time at SVEI, Sainath worked closely with top founders and stalwart professors who groomed, mentored, and trained him.

With international experience in Europe and USA, Sainath comes from a management and marketing background with stints at NOWNESS and S T Dupont in France.

Sainath is exceptionally process driven in his personal and professional life, thriving in system and structure which reflects in every aspect of Hivado.

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