Ep 25 – Advanced Packaging Technology for Enhanced Food Safety and Protection with Dr Claire Sand

Advanced Packaging Technology for Enhanced Food Safety and Protection

In this milestone 25th episode of Packaging Talks, it is our pleasure to be joined by a special guest – Dr. Claire Sand who is a Globally renowned Food Packaging Expert and Leader. In her conversation with Dr. R. Rangaprasad, she emphasizes the role of basic science in designing food packaging and to ensure its safety & quality for the consumer. Dr Sand does this by citing examples from her R&D work, due to which she has successfully helped brands to ensure shelf life extension of packaged food products.

Tune in as she shares insights on the critical role played by selection of packaging materials in defining barrier protection, ensuring food protection & safety, yet at the end 0f life have minimal impact on environment.

About Dr Claire Sand

Dr. Claire Sand is an accomplished international Food Packaging Expert and Leader. Dr. Claire Sand consults with food and packaging companies that need compelling food packaging solutions, leveraging 35+ years’ experience in food packaging science, along with value chain perspectives from basic R&D to marketing. As the 2020 recipient of the Riester-Davis-Brody award for Lifetime achievement in food packaging, she is an established authority on food packaging.

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Dr. R. Rangaprasad, is currently Business Head, Packaging 360, a Mumbai based knowledge service provider vertical under Catalyzing New Technology (CNT) Expositions & Services LLP. Packaging 360 is a comprehensive knowledge sharing ecosystem for the Indian packaging industry (www.packaging360.in).

Dr. R. Rangaprasad is a chemical technologist by training having earned his Ph.D. (Tech) degree from UDCT (now ICT) in 1992.

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