Achieving Enhanced Shelf-Life of Packaged Foods

Ep 17 – Achieving Enhanced Shelf Life of Packaged Foods

In this episode of Packaging Talks powered by Packaging 360, Vivek Chougule in his conversation with Dr. Rangaprasad, explains the relevance & importance of Modified Atmosphere Packaging technology, for enhanced shelf life of packaged foods including ethnic Indian foods.

About Vivek Chougule

Vivek brings over 20 years of advanced food packaging and processing technology experience. He has significant commercial know-how in the areas of innovative packaging technologies as well as thermal & non-thermal food processing. Focus of his work has been in the area of shelf life extension for broad range of products. Vivek’s experience includes working with Printpack & Eka Global for over 14yrs with first six years in US and then in Asia. In his current role at Eka Global, he is responsible for growing India business, developing new applications and commercializing new technologies across Asia markets. Vivek obtained his MBA from the College of William & Mary (USA) and he has masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering & Packaging Science from Clemson University (USA).

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Dr.R.Rangaprasad is a polymer & packaging professional with over 25 years experience. He has served as Consultant at Indian Institute of Packaging Mumbai & as Director at SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre. Between 1995 & 2007, He was associated with Product Application & Research Center of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He has also conducted training & knowledge workshops at leading FMCG companies in the area of design of polyolefin materials for packaging sector.

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