Ep 13 – The key to achieving Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Ravi Mody

The key to achieving Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Ravi Mody

On this Episode of Packaging Talks – The key to achieving Sustainable Packaging Solutions, we are excited to be in conversation with Ravi Mody, An Innovator with 20 years of experience and track record of delivering breakthrough consumer packaging & enabling technologies for Food & Beverage Industry.

In his conversation with Dr Rangaprasad, Ravi captures the key developments in packaging in North America and shares deep insights into the emerging solutions like paper bottle, biodegradable polymers like PEF. He enumerates the technological & supply chain challenges for these alternatives.

Ravi also emphasizes the fact that every supply chain stakeholder needs to contribute to arrive at sustainable packaging solutions & move forward towards establishing circular economy

About Ravi Mody

Ravi Mody, President of Ceves Packaging, a consulting practice dedicated to providing end-to-end packaging services has business acumen and technical credibility as a result of 20 + years of career progression in technical and management roles with fortune companies like Amcor and The Coca-Cola Company. His strong business acumen & deep technical strength enables him to uniquely frame business opportunities & influence adoption with key decision-makers for significant impact. 

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Dr. R. Rangaprasad, is currently Business Head, Packaging 360, a Mumbai based knowledge service provider vertical under Catalyzing New Technology (CNT) Expositions & Services LLP. Packaging 360 is a comprehensive knowledge sharing ecosystem for the Indian packaging industry (www.packaging360.in).

Dr. R. Rangaprasad is a chemical technologist by training having earned his Ph.D. (Tech) degree from UDCT (now ICT) in 1992.

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