Ep 26 – Additives as Enablers in Pursuit of Sustainable Packaging with Bhavesh Gandhi

Additives as Enablers in Pursuit of Sustainable Packaging

In conversation with Dr. Rangaprasad on Packaging Talks, Bhavesh Gandhi, Hyperform Global Product Line Manager Milliken’s Chemical Division, discusses various facets of Additives technology solutions in today’s context of Sustainable Packaging.

Bhavesh shares deep insights about Milliken’s commitment to develop sustainable packaging for molding & thermoforming applications based on Polypropylene. He shares facts & figures in terms of energy savings & weight reduction, with the help of nucleating agents & clarifiers for polyolefins, which has been verified by independent certifying laboratories as well.

Bhavesh explains the crucial role, Milliken would play in developing sustainable monomaterial packaging based on polyolefins, seeking to replace difficult-to-recycle barrier polymers in complex packaging structures

About Bhavesh Gandhi

Bhavesh Gandhi is Global Product Line Manager –Hyperform®, for the Plastics Additives business of Milliken’s Chemical Division of Milliken &Company. He has 19 years of experience in clarification & nucleation technologies for polyolefins. Mr. Bhavesh Gandhi began his career with Milliken as a Technical Development Associate in 2002 following Master Degree in Chemical Engineering at University Of Missouri – Rolla. He earned a B. E. in Chemical Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao (M. S.) Gayakwad University in India and completed MBA in International Business from Indian Institute of Management –Calcutta.

His work at Milliken began in the Polymer Additive business with Milliken’s Chemical Division, where he worked on nucleators & clarifiers for polyolefins as Technical Development Associate. In 2006, he moved to India as Country Manager – Downstream, followed by Country Manager – Upstream Sales. In 2011, he took up Key Accounts Management responsibilities before being promoted to be Global Productline Manager in 2015.

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