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With the new GME 30.37 standard, Sacmi expands the frontier of sustainable packaging

Further weight reduction, a dedicated cap with tethered cutting option that anticipates the European regulation that will come into force in 2024

A further step forward in terms of lightweight packaging, this complete and high-performing solution also demonstrates the ability to anticipate the new European standards coming into force in 2024. This is the twofold result that SACMI is launching on the market for the new GME 30.37 neck finish standard.
Developed for 26 mm necks (replacing the previous 1881 standard whose reference diameter was 28 mm), SACMI’s proposal for the new standard allows for a quantifiable weight reduction of 1.8 grams in the neck/cap finish combination.

Reducing weight and thereby reducing emissions while saving on raw materials and energy, is the primary advantage of the solution, which in any case includes the possibility of using a cutting configuration for tethered applications in anticipation of the European regulation.

Suitable for both CSD and non-carbonated beverage applications, the new SACMI solution brings with it all the intrinsic advantages of compression technology, including the possibility of varying the weight of the cap (in the thickness of the bottom part) simply by managing certain process parameters, guaranteeing maximum versatility.

SACMI aims at providing the best state-of-the-art technology capable of anticipating changes in regulations and in the market, by offering manufacturers the possibility of making investments and customised upgrades to their production lines.

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