Why FSSAI Has Changed The Logo For Non-Vegetarian Foods?

FSSAI logo

Do you know? Why FSSAI has changed the logo for non-vegetarian food products?

To help the color-blindness people.

The main reason behind the changing of non-veg logo is for better understanding between vegetarian & non-vegetarian products especially helpful for ‘colorblind’ peoples.

  • Deuteranopia – Red – Green Color Blindness.

When you have a look at the color spectrum of a deuteranopic person you can see that a variety of colors look different than in a normal color spectrum. Whereas red and green are the main problem colors, there are also for example some gray, purple and a greenish blue-green which can’t be distinguished very well. The well-known term red-green color blindness.

  • Protan Color Blindness.

When the long wavelength-sensing pigments of the eyes are missing or don’t function correctly, it causes a type of color blindness called protan color blindness. People with protan color blindness have trouble telling the difference between red and green

Image – This symbol with square and circle with red & green color is difficult to distinguish.





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