• As market competition for bottled water becomes increasingly intense, market segmentation is becoming clearer, and new markets like baby water, water for the elderly, and children’s water are hitting store shelves. According to a report by UK food consulting company Zenith International, children ages zero to 14 years account for 26% of the world’s population, and by 2021, the market for children’s water is expected to grow by 7% per year, with great potential for children’s water in terms of scale.

    A survey of more than 5,800 students by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 65% failed to meet the recommended level of drinking 1,200 ml of water per day. Creating a subdivided product with the objective of appealing to children, and match their drinking habits is key to support this category’s growth, which largely depends on packaging innovations to reflect the difference, and enhance the experience.

    Recently, Watson’s, a well-known domestic pure water brand, launched a purified water product in line with children’s drinking habits. It features innovative packaging with a refreshing, fun design, in addition to Watson’s established standard of zero impurities from high-temperature distillation. In contrast to Watson’s traditional drop-shaped bottle, this new package is arc-shaped and smaller – at only 200ml in size – making it easier for children to hold. Plus, the eye catching cartoon images of Super Wings on the label will attract a host of Super Wings fans!

    The most notable feature of the packaging is that it abandons the traditional twist-off closure and uses Aptar’s unique “classic sports closure “(Original), which differs markedly from competing products on the market. With a flip-top design, it can be opened with one hand and is ready to drink on-the-go, with the colorful built-in suction nozzle able to control water flow, and mirror children’s drinking habits, making it both safer and more hygienic.

    Aptar’s line of sport caps were created around safety, hygiene, convenience, differentiation, personality, and fun, making them suitable, not only for children’s drinks, but all kinds of bottled water and sports drinks. Many leading water brands worldwide use Original for their high-end drinking water, and gained wide attention from consumers, due to its differentiated experience when compared to the other solutions in the market today. The classic closure suits all neck finish, such as 1810, 1881 and 3025, and can be customized with different colors, such as a dual-color two-piece type and a pure color one-piece type, to meet the differing needs of brands and consumers.

    Source : https://news.aptar.com/solutions/watsons-launches-childrens-water-featuring-an-aptar-sport-cap/


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