• UPM Raflatac is committed to labeling a smarter future beyond fossils with its PE Lite range of sustainable solutions for the European food, home, and personal care markets. PE Lite offers new ways for brands to achieve their sustainability objectives by reducing material use and optimizing resources.

    The PE Lite range is a great example of sustainable product design, providing brand owners with an immediate answer to increasing customer demand for more sustainable materials. PE Lite is thinner and lighter than traditional PE film, with a thinner face material and liner and lower coat-weight adhesive. By choosing from the PE Lite range, brand owners can become leaders in sustainable product labeling, differentiating themselves from the competition while also boosting productivity across the value chain. There are economic benefits too: as PE Lite products are thinner you get more labels per roll and longer roll lengths, resulting in fewer roll changes and less downtime. Additional benefits include energy savings, reduced waste, and lower transportation costs.

    "The PE Lite range is our answer to the clear market demand to reduce packaging materials, enabling brand owners to optimize raw material use and make sustainability gains by reducing their environmental footprint," explains Jan Hasselblatt, Director, Global Business Development, Home and Personal Care, UPM Raflatac. "The range allows brands to take their packaging designs to the next level while improving productivity and demonstrating their commitment to sustainable packaging."

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