UPM Raflatac: Transport and Logistics Label Products

UPM Raflatac

Pressure sensitive labels for the logistics and supply chain industry travel the world attached to boxes, pallets, products and cartons. These labels are particularly basic VIP products, but they experience significant wear-and-tear throughout their short lifespan.

As a result, supply chain and logistics labels should possess exceptionally scratch resistance, in order to keep tracking capabilities and product information readable and intact.

The self adhesive labels are used to:

Route, track and trace products throughout the supply chain
Enable the inventory-taking of warehouse goods
Streamline operations, lowering costs and escalating reliability and accuracy of critical processes

The best printing technique:

Direct thermal and laser printing are particularly used to produce custom labels with changeable information, and flexographic printing is used to pre-print labels in one or two colours.

Multitac labels are versatile:

UPM Raflatac provides the possibility to generate various layer constructions, usually two adhesive layers but even more layers can be produced.

Multitacs also allow solutions for transferring labels from one product to another, from a file to a printed document or package, for instance, and they can also be used in promotional mailers.

Typical applications:

Re-sealable/open-closure applications like envelopes
Removable applications in direct mailing, including membership and credit cards
Re-locatable and removable labels
Home and SOHO uses like double-sided adhesive stickers and calendars and removable sticky notes.

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