UPM Raflatac unveils new film labeling solutions for APAC’s rapidly growing POP-Up label market

UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac is committed to delivering innovative, functional and high-performance film labels. It is now announcing the launch of the new eye-catching POP-Up labeling solutions for the APAC region. The labels attach to various packaging solutions as a 3D pop-up label on the top or side of products, enabling them to stand out from other competition on the shelves. These exceptional labeling solutions are applicable across multiple end-uses in the food, beverage, home care and personal care segments.

Featuring clear, white and metallized faces with a water-based adhesive these POP-Up labels answer to the growing demand for POP-Up labels across the region. Customers are increasingly looking for new innovative ways to differentiate from the competition and POP-Up labels from UPM Raflatac give brand owners that possibility. “The demand for promotional POP-Up labels is spreading throughout the region at an exponential rate and UPM Raflatac now provides customers with an excellent stand-out product for answering to this trend”, says Junion Zhao, Director, Films Business, APAC, UPM Raflatac.

Ideal for labeling various substrates including glass, plastic, metal and paper the unique water-based RP799 adhesive ensures strong adhesion, even on small diameter containers. “Due to the well-balanced recipe of this UPM Raflatac adhesive the labels will peel off cleanly without any residue left on the surface of the substrates”, comments Jefferey Wu, R&D Manager, APAC region. Another quality indicator of the labels is the resilient stiffness of the PET face material which gives the POP-Up labels an excellent reshaping performance. The labels will keep their shape through any transportation and storage conditions.

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