UPM Raflatac First to Launch Thermal Paper Labels with 100% Recycled Fibers

(UPM Raflatac, Helsinki, 4 November 2021 at 11:00 EET) – UPM Raflatac is leading the way by introducing a full range of paper label products made with 100% recycled fibers designed for food, retail and logistics labeling needs. The range includes the first commercially available Total Phenol Free thermal paper labels made with 100% recycled fibers. These labels are a good choice for logistics and retail labeling applications and contribute to the overall sustainability of the packaging.

UPM Raflatac’s new product range offers brand owners a way to increase the share of recycled materials in their packaging. This reduces the pressure on forests and enables a circular economy. The range is FSC® certified and the labels maintain the same functionalities as label material made from virgin fibers.

“The need to reduce waste and alleviate the pressure to virgin raw material sources is evident and increasing. One of the ways to achieve that is by recycled materials. We continue to lead the way in sustainable labeling as we introduce thermal paper labels with 100% recycled fibers to the market. Making the switch to these labels offers a host of sustainability benefits for both the brand owners and the environment,” says Ville Pollari, Director, Business Segment VIP & Prime, UPM Raflatac.

UPM Raflatac’s new product range includes coated paper designed for high quality food labeling as well as total phenol-free thermal labels which are a great choice for logistics and retail.


Source : Company Press Release

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