Uncover the Myths of Sustainable Shrink Sleeves with Chetan Jain’s New Book

chetan jain book release
Mr. Chetan Jain, announcing his new book “5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves” at Global summit

chetan jain book release

  • Shared the new book with Key Packaging professionals at the Flexible Packaging Global Summit 2022 in Mumbai
  • Book helps you understand the key concepts like:
    • Shrink Sleeves and its recycling affects
    • PVC to PETG easy transition
    • Global sustainable shrink sleeve trends

The book is for all who are part of the global plastic lifecycle anywhere in the system.

Packaging industry recently welcomed the new book named – “5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeves” by Chetan Jain. This book gives an insight about Shrink Sleeve in sustainability of Global Plastic Recycling Movement, and a fresh perspective on what could be the opportunities in existing situation to be part of the sustainable world.

“Sustainability in Shrink sleeves has been a debatable question so far, and in today’s world Recycling of Plastic is not just an option but it is the need of the hour.” mentioned the author, Chetan Jain. Through this book the author tried to throw some light over the misconceptions prevailing in the packaging industry.

While on the dais of Global summit platform in Mumbai, Chetan Jain discussed a few words about his new book. In the presence of 1500+ leading packaging professionals from all around the world, he exchanged pleasantries and received appreciation for his works.

Describing the new book positioning in the industry, Chetan Jain mentioned that book is for a plastic Raw Material manufacturer, shrink sleeve converter, label converter, bottle/container manufacturer, recycler, packaging professional, sustainability professional, brand owner, CEO or a student of the plastic and packaging industry. In short, all who are part of the global plastic lifecycle, anywhere in the system and have heard words like safe plastics, sustainability, and recycling, then this book is for them. It busts open five myths and misconceptions about the recycling of labels and Sustainable Shrink Sleeves that everyone in this industry must know.

There has been a need to understand the technical jargons of the Packaging world and this is hindering the knowledge of all existing opportunities for us to explore. Hence, I tried to sum up my 15 years of learning in this book, said Chetan Jain. This book took shape in two years during the pandemic in which I was able to reflect and construct my thoughts.

About the Author – Mr. Chetan Jain

Executive Director of Taurus Packaging. Chetan Jain is Innovator, Thought Leader, and Uno Expert in Shrink Sleeve Printing. Ranked 58 in top 100 Influencers of the Indian Printing Industry for year 2021 by Printweek. At the helm of Taurus Packaging, he created revolutionary H.I.P. Framework and continues to grow as an Industry expert.
He also authored 2 books. First titled “Sleeve it Right – 7 secrets of shrink sleeve not known to India’s FMCG business” one of the bestsellers in Packaging Industry and second named
“5 Myths about Sustainable Shrink Sleeve”

About Taurus Packaging

Taurus is a speciality packaging company that leads the Indian shrink sleeves and label packaging market with its premium printing and packaging solutions.
Taurus offers a complete range of packaging solutions combining premium protection together with decent and beautiful structural and graphic design for branded marketing purposes. Being one of the largest heat shrink sleeves and label companies in India and Asia, we are committed to providing an easy and reliable solution for packaging problems related to Home & Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Dairy and Telecom Markets In India.
Taurus has been supplying shrink sleeves and flexible packaging products to global/multinational corporations and small and medium businesses since last 23 years.

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