UFI code reading – made easy with the new OCR module


INTRAVIS now offers a solution for all producers who have to display UFI codes on their packaging from 2021 onwards: the new OCR module.

The new OCR module ensures fast and precise reading of various codes, whether UFI, batch or data matrix codes. Moreover, combinations of these codes can be read without any problems. Even better: in addition to the inspection of the label or product for the presence and readability of the code, OCR can also be used to compare it with a reference code from a database. This allows producers to verify the accuracy of changing codes at any time – without having to stop and restart the inspection system. Subsequently, all inspection results, including all codes, can be exported to a database, thus supporting a seamless reporting for customers.

The new OCR module is now available for all systems of the SpotWatcher® family as well as for the LabelWatcher® and the IMLWatcher®. The existing hardware is only extended by an additional camera and an additional illumination.

From 1st January 2021, UFI codes are obligatory by EU directive for all products containing substances that could be dangerous for the end consumer. The UFI code – a clear indicator for the recipe – indicates the exact composition of the content.

The advantages with the new OCR module at a glance:

Time savings due to increased process efficiency
Extensive insights into your processes due to fast and broad data collection
Seamless tracking of all codes for comprehensive reporting
Security in case of legal disputes due to perfect legibility of codes

Source: https://www.intravis.com/en/news/

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