Toyo Printing Inks’ Low-odour, Low-migration Sheetfed Offset Inks Achieve INGEDE Deinkability Certification

Toyo Life Premium Food Ink LP9000

LP-9000 series are deinkable for enhanced paper recycling while meeting GMP standards

April 18, 2022, Manisa, Turkey — Toyo Printing Inks Inc., a member of the Tokyo-based specialty chemicals manufacturer Toyo Ink Group, announced today that its LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO/LM series of sheetfed offset inks have passed the INGEDE (International Association of the Deinking Industry) deinkability criteria according to the European Recovered Paper Council’s (ERPC) scorecard. In addition to being deinkable, LP-9000 ink systems are engineered and manufactured in accordance with EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) guidelines and the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Available in CMYK, Pantone and 12 special spot colors, they are suitable for printing on the non-food contact surface of paper and board used in the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive applications.

“Deinking is a key process in the paper recycling process. If the ink cannot be separated from the paper at the deinking stage, the paper pulp is considered contaminated and unfit to reenter the recycling chain,” explains Melis Türkyener Çelebi, Offset Inks R&D Team Leader at Toyo Printing Inks. “The LP-9000 TOYO LIFE PREMIUM FOOD LO/LM ink series passed the INGEDE Method 11 test with the maximum score of 100/100 for deinkability. This means the ink can be effectively removed from paper, making it possible to convert the deinked paper into raw fibers. This raw material in turn can be converted back to graphic paper of new value.”

Moreover, LP-9000 inks are comprised of plant-based, renewable raw materials. They do not contain any drying agents or release any hexanal, which results in reduced odour intensity. Çelebi added, “This revolutionary ink system was developed here in Manisa and launched last year to much acclaim. They are compliant with the Swiss Ordinance and ISEGA according to Regulation (EU) 1935/2004, and meet global requirements for non-food contact surface inks for food packaging. And now, with the recent INGEDE certification, we believe it’s the ideal system for printers and brand owners looking to maximise the use of renewable resources and to reduce waste of their end products. The groundbreaking LP-9000 ink systems underscore our commitment to creating a more circular society by improving the recyclability of print materials and reducing the carbon footprint of our operations and those of our customers.”


About Toyo Printing Inks

Toyo Printing Inks, a subsidiary of Japan-based Toyo Ink Group as one of the world’s largest ink manufacturers, ranks among the brands that shape up the ink industry in Turkey. Devising new products in line with the requirements of the printing industry, Toyo Printing Inks undertakes its activities enthusiastically to find out solutions to improve the printing industry continually.

Toyo Printing Inks, which has a wide product range of printing inks and auxiliary products for all kinds of printing techniques, performs its manufacturing activities in Colour Making Centres in İstanbul as well as the new plant it established in Manisa in 2010. It is the only company that performs R&D and production under the same roof in the category of Web Offset Inks, Sheet Offset Inks, Screen Printing Inks, Liquid Inks, Metal Packaging Systems. Moreover, it sells the products groups such as Lamination Adhesives and Pigments in addition to production.

Having received the title “Turkey’s first ink R&D Center”, Toyo Printing Inks was granted the Turkey Excellence Award in the category of “Utilisation of Creativity and Innovation” at the 2018 KalDer Excellence Awards and the Runner-up Award in the category of “Innovation Organization and Culture” at InovaLIG 2016. It is also the first and only industrial organization within the ink sector, which qualified to receive the TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate.

For more information about the Toyo Ink Group, see the website of the parent company Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd. at

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Source: Company Press Release

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