Toppan’s NFC Tags and Cloud-Based ID Authentication Adopted to Combat Counterfeits of Collectible Figures

Toppan’s NFC tags are integrated into BE@RBRICK figures
Toppan’s NFC tags are integrated into BE@RBRICK figures. BE@RBRICK TM & © 2001-2022 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

NFC tags embedded into popular BE@RBRICK figures enable authentication using smartphones

Tokyo – September 12, 2022 –Toppan (TYO: 7911), a global leader in communication, security, packaging, décor materials, and electronics solutions, offers a platform for authentication, monitoring of grey market diversion, and supply chain management via use of smartphones to read product NFC tags and ID devices. The platform has been adopted for™, a new anti-counterfeit solution from Medicom Toy Corporation (Medicom Toy) and Hakuhodo Product’s Inc. (Hakuhodo Product’s).™ is being employed for three recently released BE@RBRICK toys, which are bear-shaped block-style figures produced and sold by Medicom Toy. The lineup protected by™ will be expanded going forward. Customers can verify authenticity by holding their smartphones over the Toppan NFC tag embedded in the right leg of each BE@RBRICK.

NFC tags
NFC tags can be read using a smartphone (left), which displays the result of authentication.
BE@RBRICK TM & © 2001-2022 MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.
Medicom Toy has been impacted by numerous BE@RBRICK imitations and has therefore partnered with Hakuhodo Product’s to develop™, enabling both digital and physical authentication, to eliminate risks associated with counterfeits circulating unchecked. This includes preventing damage to the brand and loss of revenue as well as negative impacts on consumers who purchase imitation goods believing them to be genuine.
As a platform for strengthening engagement by brands,™ is expected to be used for collectable toys and art, luxury fashion, and high-end sporting and outdoor goods. Toppan has provided Medicom Toy with high-security NFC tags and the verification functions of its cloud-based ID authentication platform as key elements of the solution.
Toppan supplies
high-security NFC tags.
©Toppan Inc.

“We are very pleased that our platform has been adopted for™ and will use this as a launchpad for expanding sales,” said Takamitsu Nakabayashi, general manager of RFID/IoT and security development in Toppan’s DX Design Division. “Going forward, we will bolster functions to prevent grey market diversion and enhance customer engagement features to provide clients with an end-to-end solution to both protect and promote their brands.”

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About™ is an anti-counterfeit solution developed and provided by MEDICOM TOY and Hakuhodo Product’s. It combines near-field communication (NFC) with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Authentication can be performed by reading a product’s NFC tag with a smartphone to verify that it is genuine and has unique value. Product ownership information is managed on a blockchain in the form of a guarantee card, meaning users can check guarantee cards online and transfer them by reading NFC tags.
MEDICOM TOY press release: BE@RBRICK

BE@RBRICK is a bear-shaped block type figure born in 2001, the 100th anniversary year of the worldwide beloved teddy bear, under the concept of “creating a digital image of the teddy bear”. It started with the basic rule of “designing only by printing” on its 9 body parts without adding any extra element. Since then, BE@RBRICK has been taking form of numerous characters and has been collaborating with many artists, brands, and companies. Thousands of versions have been released but still, as an “art toy”, BE@RBRICK continues to attract fans around the world.
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