• Toppan Printing says that it has improved user-friendliness while reducing resource use with its new paper-based version of the tube pouch design.

    The new product apparently maintains the tube pouch’s functionality while, in the view of Toppan, demonstrating even better environmental performance by employing a paper-based material for the body, making possible a reputed 50% reduction in plastic volume.

    Coupled with a redesign of the plastic parts of the head section, this reportedly enables plastic to be reduced by a total of 65%. The tube-pouch still maintains its shape even when the volume of content inside decreases, and the company says that the use of its proprietary GL BARRIER film on the inner surface ensures the barrier performance required for items such as food and cosmetics.

    The use of paper for the exterior surface also means that design and sales promotion can fully exploit the advantages of the material’s feel and texture, making the paper tube-pouch ideal for effectively communicating more natural and organic product concepts to consumers.

    “The paper tube-pouch represents a new solution that can meet the needs of manufacturers, consumers, and society as a whole by reducing impact on the environment, enhancing user-friendliness, and also offering new possibilities for design,” said Shingo Wada, general manager of business strategy in Toppan’s western Japan division. “It is another example of Toppan’s efforts to tackle such issues as marine plastic and the need for efficient circulation of resources by developing eco-friendly packaging and containers that sacrifice nothing in terms of functionality while making use of more sustainable materials, such as recycled and biomass plastics, monomaterials, and paper.”

    Source : https://www.toppan.com/en/news/2020/04/newsrelease200428e.html


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