This Toothpaste Aims To Repurpose Its Dropped Carton Packaging Into Notebooks For The Underserved.

This Toothpaste Aims To Repurpose Its Dropped Carton Packaging Into Notebooks For The Underserved.

Often, in our everyday lives, we may unintentionally remain oblivious to the sheer volume of paper we consume daily. The ecological footprint of paper consumption directly impacts natural resources such as water, forest, and even air. Understandably, the need to balance vital ecosystems makes it imperative to practice judicious use of paper. They say a simple change can impact the lives of people across communities in many ways! Exemplifying the importance of small change and significant difference, Dabur India with Reliance Retail has decided to decrease paper consumption by doing away with the outer paper carton from its “Dabur Red Paste” product packaging.

Dabur Red Paste product packaging.

Taking a step further, the material reduced in the packaging of Dabur Red Paste shall be repurposed to make notebooks for underprivileged children. It is estimated that this step towards sustainability will save about 150 tonnes of paper every year. The initiative to repurpose the carton packaging as notebooks for the education material is supported by Delhi based NGO called CRY (Child’s Right and You), benefiting close to 1,20,000 children in India.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of this unique campaign, ‘Give up the Carton, Give me a Future’ in association with CRY, under which the paper saved from removing the outer cartons will be used to make notebooks that would be distributed among over 120,000 underserved children. We expect that the initiative will help us to repurpose approx. 150 tons of paper and eliminating waste from our environment,” Dabur India Ltd Marketing Head-Oral Care Mr. Harkawal Singh said. This initiative by Dabur India is not just visionary but also futuristic in its approach of ensuring both sustainability and education. With increased awareness, consumers are making conscious choices of products that they pick up from the shelves. The eco-consciousness of the customers across geographies making informed choices are welcoming a green transformation in the product used every day. Today, several brands are making efforts towards building a sustainable end-to-end product by taking up the responsibility to ensure that any part of the packaging doesn’t end up at the landfill. Dabur, which has been championing the cause of biodiversity, has rolled out several initiatives which focus on recycling and repurposing of resources. The Logical Indian appreciates Dabur for continuing to place its priorities on sustainability, this time through a green upgrade in its product packaging.


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