Thermochromic ink to be used on canned beer product

Kosciuszko Pale Ale

To mark the launch of its first ever marketing campaign ‘Beer With Altitude’, which launched in August this year, Kosciuszko Pale Ale, produced by Australian brewer Lion, a Kirin company, will be adding thermochromic ink to its canned product.

The cans will have two designs – one featuring a snowboarder, and the other featuring a skier – which will change colour as the temperature of the can hits four degrees Celsius – the perfect temperature to enjoy Kosciuszko Pale Ale, it claims. The artwork for the can was produced by Energi.

Lion’s director of craft brands Malcolm Eadie said, “From the new creative campaign to the cans, Kosciuszko encapsulates the spirit of the Snowy Mountains and particularly the adventure and fun to be had both on the slopes and après. We see many drinkers enjoying these new cans after a long day on the mountain. Kosciuszko Pale Ale continues to have a strong presence in pubs and bar, and we hope to see new drinkers and loyal fans of the brand alike adopt the can format,” he added.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale continues to grow in popularity, with sales approaching four million litres nationally each year. “Craft beers are continuing to adopt cans as their preferred pack format, and for this product we wanted to stand out from the crowd with innovative print technology. It will help drinkers know when their Kosciuszko is at optimal drinking temperature and ensure the beer’s crisp and refreshing character is enjoyed all year round.

Source: AIPIA website

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