The Spanish Company Rotor Print Focused on Sustainability and Innovation for the Pharmaceutical Packaging Sector

Rotor Print, pushing for the innovation in the pharmaceutical sector


Barcelona, October 24, 2022. The requirement for sustainability and recyclable packaging for a circular economy also reaches the pharmaceutical sector, which sees how the Spanish company Rotor Print brings an innovative packaging to the table. Pharmaceutical packaging is a complex world. Each product is different and requires specific packaging. What is vital is the need to preserve the product in an optimal state, so that it reaches the end consumer in its best expression.

One of the most widely used products in the pharmaceutical world is the blister pack. It is the star product, the one that is present in every home. A plastic base, with an aluminum top layer.

The function of packaging
Packaging has one function: preserve the product. In the case of pharmaceutical products, it is very important that the product remains intact against the effects of oxygen and water vapor. Both elements could deteriorate the condition of the product. This is why a correct packaging is so important.

The recyclability of blister packs
This packaging has always been a complex composed of plastic (PVC or PVDC) and an aluminum cover layer. As it is a complex composed of two different materials (plastic and aluminum) which cannot be separated, it is impossible to recycle this product.

Toxicity of PVC
Regardless of whether the product is recyclable or not, it must be taken into account that the plastic used so far is PVC. The use of this plastic is already restricted in many countries around the world because of its high chlorine content, since when burned it generates toxic hydrogen chloride vapors, which are very harmful to public health.

The pharmaceutical blister revolution
With the creation of the 100% PET blister created by the Spanish company Rotor Print, a solution has been found for a product that until now was impossible to recycle. It is a blister that replaces PVC, to avoid risks to public health, and also replaces aluminum, to achieve a recyclable package.

Rotor Print’s 100% PET blister has barrier qualities equivalent to PVC. This makes it possible to preserve products as has been done up to now, but reducing the environmental impact of the product. In addition, since it is a single-material package (polyester), it can be recycled in any PET recycling plant.

World presentation at CPhI 2022
This product places Rotor Print in the fight for innovation, while reaffirming its commitment to the environment. This innovative product will be presented worldwide by the Spanish company on November 2 at the CPhI expo in Frankfurt. CPhI is the world’s most important fair in the pharmaceutical sector, an expo where all the main players in the pharmaceutical world will be present.

Approved quality since its beginnings
Rotor Print is a Spanish company, founded in Barcelona. It is dedicated to the printing and creation of flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical sector since its beginnings. It is the only company in the flexible packaging sector that works out on an entire production in a certified clean room.

Producing packaging for the pharmaceutical sector requires certifications, but Rotor Print wanted to go beyond the certifications it already has (BRGCS and ISO 15378). They wanted to ensure that their entire production line was carried out in a clean room. This ensures that there is no contamination of external elements on the films and is clearly a differential factor over the rest of the companies.


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