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Tetra Pak India to provide ‘smart packaging’ solutions

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Packaging and processing solutions provider Tetra Pak India will provide smart packaging solutions to its clients by introducing dynamic QR codes.

According to Ashutosh Manohar, MD, South Asia Markets, Tetra Pak India, smart packaging technology will embed every pack with a unique identity, and allow interaction between manufacturers, brand owners and consumers throughout the life cycle of the pack.

“The dynamic QR code will allow consumers to interact with the pack, and give them information such as the ingredients, recycling initiatives and other things. The end consumer only needs to have an app on his smart phone to scan the code and engage with the brand. We are planning to conduct a pilot of this technology with two of our customers soon, one of which will be in Kolkata,” said Manohar.

Growing demand

The company has-tie ups with more than 160 customers for its packaging and processing solutions. It packs nearly 650 million litres of juices, nectars and chilled drinks and around 600 million litres of white milk annually for its customers from the food and beverages industry.

According to Manohar, India is among the top five markets for Tetra Pak globally, the others being China, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. Tetra Pak India will close the year with roughly 10 billion packs, a growth of over 10 per cent over last year. This is likely to grow to 11 billion packs in 2019.

“The general awareness about food safety and the need for convenience are increasing rapidly with more women working now and increasing urbanisation. This apart, an expanding middle and upper middle class, higher disposable income, e-commerce and modern trade are contributing to an increasing demand for packaged products in India,” said Manohar.

Tetra Pak has been facing the pressure of rising input costs due to the depreciating rupee.

However, the company is trying to offset this by improving productivity and driving internal efficiency. “We constantly strive to improve printing speed and technology to try and reduce the impact (of rising costs). We have the lowest losses of our packaging material in this whole region,” he said.

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