TC Transcontinental Packaging to launch multilayer barrier stand up pouches in North America

Harney & Sons

TC Transcontinental Packaging is proud to launch in North America one of the first-in-market, 100% recyclable, multilayer barrier stand-up pouch in partnership with Harney & Sons, an American tea company, for their loose tea flexible plastic pouch. Available at their stores since November 2018, the multilayer recyclable pouch with barrier brings an innovative new sustainable product to the industry while still protecting the flavor and the freshness of the product.

Blending art, science, and technology, TC Transcontinental Packaging collaborated with Dow and Charter NEX Films to develop one of the first commercialized package for food that hits all notes: 100% recycle ready for in-store drop off, EVOH barrier for product preservation, seal strength, and durability.

“By promoting and supporting innovation in flexible packaging, we encourage more businesses to develop better eco-responsible solutions,” said Todd Addison, Vice President, Business Development at TC Transcontinental Packaging. “We salute Harney & Sons for driving this important sustainable initiative. Our collaboration was the perfect match as sustainability and innovation run deep in our organization, both in our operations and our partnerships. This shared core value and collaborative mindset fueled our sustainable design process and resulted in a product worthy of bearing the Harney & Sons name.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate across the value chain with companies like TC Transcontinental Packaging and Charter NEX Films to bring to market one of the first, 100% recyclable, finished high barrier stand-up pouch for Harney & Sons,” said Chris Gandy, North America Market Manager for Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics Adhesives business. “Dow’s comprehensive total pouch portfolio of resins, adhesives, and specialty products, combined with TC Transcontinental Packaging’s sustainability mindset and pouching expertise allows Harney & Sons to provide its customers with a more sustainable product.”

Fine tea packaging requires a multilayer, co-extruded package to protect the product’s natural oils that give tea leaves a smooth flavor and finish. EVOH delivers outstanding barrier to gases, organic vapors and moisture, preventing deterioration of the product and extending its shelf life; it plays a crucial role in food packaging. The challenge with barrier films from a sustainability perspective is that it is not easily broken down and recycled, therefore hindering its reuse and contribution to positive environmental change. Dow’s RETAIN™ resin technology provides the solution to this concern by compatibilizing the barrier, thus allowing for a multilayer film to be fully recyclable and attain sustainability goals.

“Harney & Sons has always desired to use more friendly materials for our planet. Since 2006 we’ve been member of 1% for the Planet and our goal is to move towards more recyclable and compostable components in our packaging,” states Emeric Harney, Harney & Sons Marketing Director.

Aware of TC Transcontinental Packaging’s expertise in creating sustainable flexible packaging, Harney & Sons connected with its R&D team to create a solution that would support their mission of giving back to the environment that grows the tea of the world. TC Transcontinental Packaging created a recyclable stand-up pouch to protect the flavor and freshness of their fine teas.


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