• TÜV SÜD is now a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network. Given this, TÜV SÜD's experts are authorised to perform assessment, testing and certification of packaging used by suppliers and intermediaries in the network according to international standards. By providing these services, TÜV SÜD supports safe, reliable, sustainable mail-order business that is also cost-effective.

    “The broad range of different product sizes and properties presents a challenge for the designers and developers of packaging”, says Michael Harb, Senior Business Development Manager Consumer Products & Retail at TÜV SÜD Product Service and Strategic Account Manager for Amazon Group.

    “Packaging has to withstand static, dynamic and climatic stresses and loads during transport, yet still be safe and consumer-friendly at the same time.” TÜV SÜD performs certification of packaging according to the standards of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). In particular, the Amazon ISTA 6 testing methods have established themselves as the worldwide industry standard. They describe general simulation tests for packaged products (Ships In Own Containers) that are delivered to end customers via the Amazon distribution system. This enables companies to reliably determine the protective effect of their packaging.

    Testing of packaging is performed in TÜV SÜD's accredited testing laboratories in Shanghai, Vietnam, Singapore and Italy. It focuses on resistance to vibrations, mechanical shock, compression, tilting and falling, but also environmental impacts, including humidity and temperature changes. Further aspects include simulation of loads and stresses during transport and biodegradability of packaging materials. By contributing their longstanding experience, comprehensive technical knowledge and cutting-edge testing capabilities, TÜV SÜD experts help to minimise the risks of damage to products and reduce the use of packaging materials.

    Source: TUV SUD website

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