Sulapac and Quadpack join forces for sustainable cosmetic packaging

sustainable cosmetic packaging

Sulapac, a pioneer in development and manufacturing of sustainable microplastic-free materials, and Quadpack, an international provider of packaging solutions to the beauty industry, have entered into a preferred partnership agreement to provide microplastic-free packaging for cosmetic customers worldwide.

The partnership ensures that both Sulapac’s existing and new clients will be served more efficiently, having access to a wider range of innovative products, a larger production scope and a broader capacity of customisation in cosmetic packaging provided by Quadpack.

“We’ve got thousands of enquiries from cosmetics customers all over the world about our Nordic Collection and it has been sold out already in August 2019. The partnership with Quadpack, one of the top 10 European providers of cosmetic packaging, ensures we can more effectively serve a wider customer base”, says Sulapac’s Head of Sales Ami Rubinstein happily.

The partnership places Quadpack among the leaders in sustainable innovation in cosmetic packaging, adding capabilities to its Bi-Injection Blow Moulding technology, which allows using two materials in one step, in a perfect synergy with Sulapac’s microplastic-free material and barrier. As a result of the partnership, Quadpack will launch the new Sulapac® Nordic Collection in Spring 2020, which includes 15ml, 30ml and 50ml jars. New packaging types are also expected to be introduced to complement the portfolio soon.

“Besides placing Quadpack among the most innovative and competitive cosmetic packaging providers worldwide, the partnership means that beauty brands will have access to truly sustainable packaging solutions, with the best microplastic-free, biodegradable material that is currently available in the market”, says Jeremy Garrard, Advanced Technology Director and Co-Founder of Quadpack.

The microplastic-free Sulapac® material is organically recyclable and made primarily from renewable raw materials. With its patented material innovation that combines premium look and feel with sustainability, Sulapac has won numerous awards in the beauty industry. Becoming Sulapac’s preferred partner for cosmetics is a step further in Quadpack’s sustainable product development strategy.

“The agreement resonates with Quadpack’s product development strategy, which is focused on recycling, replacing, reusing and reducing packaging. It’s a clear example of how we can achieve sustainable innovation through collaboration in favour of a better world”, concludes Jeremy Garrard.

“Partnering with Quadpack supports our strategic desire to become the number one sustainable material replacing plastic and support forerunner brands in launching the new microplastic-free material to their customers”, ends Sulapac’s Ami Rubinstein.

Source: Sulapac Press release

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