Stora Enso introduces new barrier boards to replace plastic in food packaging

Stora Enso

Stora Enso is expanding its range of renewable packaging materials by introducing new dispersion barrier materials for paper cups and food packaging. The new barrier solution responds to market demands for eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable packaging materials to replace plastics in food service applications.
The new dispersion barriers Aqua™ and Aqua+™ by Stora Enso are fluorochemical-free and used to produce paperboard for cups and food service packaging without the traditional plastic layer. Aqua is grease resistant while Aqua+ is both liquid and grease resistant, enabling optimal packaging performance and protection for food in diverse applications.

“The new barriers are aimed at retailers and brand owners who want to improve recyclability of their food packaging to meet eco-conscious consumers’ demands. The materials are suitable for paper cups, ice cream packaging and fast, frozen and dry food packaging”, says Ebba Mannheimer, Head of Business, New Barrier Solutions, Division Packaging Materials.

All Stora Enso boards are made of sustainably sourced, renewable wood fiber. The surface of the Aqua products is finished with water-based dispersion technology, enabling the board to be liquid and grease resistant while breaking down in a recycling process like paper, providing the highest fiber recovery and value in recycling.

For various design opportunities and functionality, Stora Enso offers two different baseboards with the dispersion barrier. CKB Nude Aqua™ by Stora Enso is a natural brown kraft board for short-contact food packaging applications, including fast food and dry food. Cupforma Natura Aqua+™ by Stora Enso is a material for paper cups, available with a dispersion barrier on one side for hot drinks or on two sides for cold drinks and ice cream packaging. The materials can be printed and converted on existing machine lines.

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