SRF Limited Invests in a BOBST EXPERT K5 with AluBond® for Production of High Barrier BOPP


SRF based in India have invested in a BOBST EXPERT K5 3650mm to further increase their production of high barrier BOPP films to meet the demand in the market both in India and internationally

The machine equipped with the unique AluBond® process will be installed at SRF’s Indore plant in early 2022. SRF opened its first plant in Manali, near Chennai in 1974 and today has grown into a leading, diversified chemicals conglomerate. The Packaging Films Business offers a range of innovative solutions in BOPP and BOPET films for both food and non-food packaging applications. The division follows a ‘Triple E’ approach to sustainability, comprising of three pillars of: Environment, Engagement and Enterprise. Each of these pillars cover material issues important to SRF’s sustainability targets and goals.

BOBST AluBond® on BOPP
BOBST AluBond® initially developed to increase metal adhesion and dyne level on the most commonly used film substrates is now becoming the standard metallizing process for polyolefin based PP substrates due to its ability to increase barrier levels on these film types.

AluBond® can achieve metal adhesion values of up to 5N/15mm and has been shown to significantly increase dyne level retention which translates in improved ink wettability during printing and may eliminate the need for an additional surface treatment boost i.e. corona refresh prior to converting.

When AluBond® is applied to BOPP and CPP films it also provides enhancement of oxygen (OTR) and water vapour (WVTR) barrier performance. AluBond® is also starting to be used in the production of high barrier metallized CPP and BOPP mono-material laminates in response to the market’s demands for sustainable packaging films.

Commenting on the investment, Mr. Prashant Mehra, President & CEO and Mr Hari K Singh, Executive Vice President & Head Global Operations & Projects Vice President, SRF Limited said “Due to growth in the BOPP market, we needed to expand our capacity. We have invested in a second BOPP line in India and needed a metallizer to help meet our customers’ requirements. The AluBond® process will allow us to produce high quality BOPP film with high adhesion and high barrier levels to meet the demands in the market both in India and Overseas. We look forward to our new  BOBST EXPERT K5 being installed early next year”.

Bobst Manchester Ltd, United Kingdom


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