Spectra recently supplied new packaging for JooMo’s natural body wash products.

The new 3in1 Cleanse, Moisturise and Shave 100% Natural Body Wash product takes advantage of Spectra’s innovative Encore Oval design. The new packs were complemented with the addition of Spectra’s Snap-on Oval Flip-Top closure.

Dan Smith, Field Sales Representative at Spectra said, “Our Encore Oval design is proving increasingly popular with brands seeking understated, ergonomic contours. Combined with our trusted oval flip-top closure, this versatile container is ideal for a wide range of products from shampoos and body washes to lotions and creams”.

JooMo, the brainchild of Linda Russell, Nick Wallen and twins Sam & Kit, are world leaders in specialised cutting-edge skin microbiome technology that leads to healthy and hydrated skin in just 2 weeks.

The JooMo body wash utilises Spectra’s Encore pack in 250ml (Ref: 6108), however, the popular oval design is also available in a number of capacity options including 150ml (Ref: 6120), 200ml (Ref: 6112), 300ml (Ref: 6115), 400ml (Ref: 6114) and 500ml (Ref: 6118) offering genuine versatility.

And following the success of this initial partnership, Spectra have once again been selected by JooMo to provide the packaging for an enhanced and extended range of JooMo products, for sale from January 2019.

All of the Encore Oval packs will accept Spectra’s distinctive Oval Flip-Top closure (Ref: 3030). The closures stylishly curved thumb opening gives it a real point of difference over other similar products on the market and provides an innovative packaging solution when combined with the Encore design.

Sam Wallen Russell from JooMo commented, “Spectra confidently provided us with quality packaging that compliments our product ranges perfectly”.

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