Sonoco Alloyd Introduces All-Paper Alternative to Traditional Plastic Blister Packaging

Sonoco Alloyd

The Alloyd Division of Sonoco (NYSE: SON), one of the most sustainable diversified global packaging companies, announced the introduction of its first, all-paper retail blister package. The new EnviroSense PaperBlister™ provides an alternative to the more traditional thermoformed plastic blister package that is found prominently in retail outlets around the world.

“This new mono-material package is further evidence of our commitment to developing more sustainable options for our customers and consumers alike,” said Jim Lassiter, Sonoco segment vice president, Global Plastics. “This technology enables us to produce a paper-based option that many shoppers and brands are looking for, without sacrificing merchandising benefits.”

The EnviroSense PaperBlister features a wide range of attributes designed with the environment in mind. It is a plastic-free package that is recyclable in the paper stream and is also available with SFI™ Certification when requested. Because it uses water-based sealing technology, there are no VOC’s connected with the package. In terms of its overall environmental footprint as it relates to transportation and materials, the new paper blister package delivers more efficiency than traditional plastic blister products, which require three times more shipping cartons, leading to increased weight, more packaging material, fewer packages per truckload and more deliveries to ship the same amount of product.

“This would be a change for many brand owners, and we knew that having the option available to provide clear product visibility for retail display would be key, so we are able to design cut-outs into the package if needed,” said Lassiter. “Using a full paper blister also significantly increases billboard space for marketing messaging and creates unique opportunities for new package design. The new paper blister runs on existing Sonoco Alloyd sealing equipment, and we’re able to furnish all tooling, along with printed card materials, to create the entire package. Having a single-source partner is also helpful during critical new product launches and projects with tight deadlines.”

Source : News release on Sonoco website

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