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Smart Packaging Initiative Tool: Helping Manufacturers produce more Eco-Friendly Package Designs

Packaging plays many important roles in the toy industry. It facilitates the transport and display of products, and helps reduce breakage. Packaging is crucial in telling a story on-shelf in a split second.

The Toy Association’s Smart Packaging Initiative (SPI) Tool will help companies make simple packaging changes that can benefit the environment even as they construct innovative package designs.

Working in partnership with The Walt Disney Company, the SPI tool allows toy companies to determine the environmental impact of their packaging, test alternatives, and benchmark the impact of their designs against those produced by the rest of the industry. The tool is only available to Toy Association members.

The Toy Association hosted a webinar, “Understanding How to Use The Toy Association’s New Smart Packaging Initiative Tool,” that provided an introduction and an overview, demonstrating how to enter necessary inputs, how to “test drive” alternatives, and how to determine the score of packaging choices relative to the rest of the industry. A recording of the webinar is available to Association members.

Source: Toy Association

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