Silvergate launches Masterbatch Developed Specifically for Film Market


Silvergate Plastics has launched a new range of masterbatch specifically for film manufacturers.

Silvergate has been receiving an increasing number of enquiries relating to the quality and performance of pigments within film manufacture. By working with its customers, the masterbatch manufacturer found a build-up of pigments was clogging machines, which in turn was slowing cycle times and disrupting overall production. Despite regular and time-consuming clean downs, the problem was still regularly occurring.

Silvergate was invited to trial a new range of masterbatch made specifically to overcome the problem. The new formulation incorporates quality ingredients that work together to improve dispersion during manufacture. Manufacturers have not only been able to improve the accurate coloring of plastic film but have also increased productivity.

Commenting on the new range of masterbatch, Silvergate’s Sales Executive, Emma Cank, said, “When we realized processors were facing similar challenges within their production processes, we quickly set about finding an appropriate solution. This new range focuses on the quality of ingredients within the formulation whilst achieving the right price points for our customers. We have been delighted by the results and are proud to help our customer improve product performance and productivity.”

This range of masterbatch has been developed specifically for the film market and is available in any color.

Source: Silvergate website

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