Siegwerk India Launches UniNATURE Sustainable Water-based Inks for Paper & Board Applications

UniNATURE – the first of its kind inks and coatings range formulated with bio-renewable content.

Siegwerk India, one of the leading global providers of printing inks and coatings for packaging applications and labels, has announced the launch of its new generation of sustainable inks – “UniNATURE”, in the Indian market.

The UniNATURE product range is formulated with renewable and natural components, providing an environmental friendly alternative to conventional inks without impacting the recyclability of paper and board packaging, thereby taking a step towards reducing the microplastics which can be found in inks.

Siegwerk’s new sustainable water-based ink range comes along with excellent ink performance and color strengths, offering similar levels of performance and properties as current water-based technologies. User tests have shown improved dot shape, comparable dot gain, high resolubility, and easy cleaning on press, meaning it can be easily exchanged with current products without the need to change equipment, processes or color matches. Furthermore, high printing speeds on presses, on both coated and uncoated papers, can be achieved with UniNATURE. The new inks and coatings series is applicable for many paper & board applications including corrugated board boxes, trays and displays, fast food packaging, sacks and bags, as well as cups and wraps. It supports various printing applications whilst meeting the highest market and regulatory standards.

Designed for use with Siegwerk’s Unibase colored bases, UniNATURE inks can be supplied as ready to use inks directly from Siegwerk. However, UniNATURE extenders and Unibase colorbases are more frequently supplied to customers to be mixed on demand at dispense equipment directly at the customer.

While announcing the launch of UniNATURE Ink Series, Mr. Ramakrishna Karanth, CEO, Siegwerk India sub-continent said, “As we’re venturing into a resource preservative future, our vision at Siegwerk India is to work towards sustainable development. Siegwerk’s consistent efforts for a better tomorrow resulted in the formulation of the UniNATURE ink series made from renewable and natural sources, for a greener future keeping in mind the 3S’s– Safety, Sustainability and Satisfaction of the consumer.”

By providing a combination of best-in-class ink performance, high product safety and extensive sustainability know-how linked with a holistic understanding of packaging, Siegwerk is always supporting its customers to address upcoming trends by meeting their individual needs with cutting-edge solutions and service. UniNATURE has won Packaging Europe’s Sustainability Awards 2022. The sustainable ink solution with a high Bio-Renewable Content was selected as the winner in the categories off “Renewable Materials”, and the “Most Sustainable Innovation” among all 360 entries from across the global packaging value chain.



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