Schur Flexibles develops recyclable thermoforming film called VACUflex(re) EX-T

VACUflex(re) EX-T

Introduced at the IFFA 2019 Trade Fair, VACUflex(re) EX-T developed by Schur Flexibles, is a recyclable thermoforming film made of polyolefins combines excellent machinability with extremely high product protection and is equipped with an EVOH barrier.

VACUflex(re) EX-T – recyclable and efficient

One of the most innovative packaging films developed by Schur Flexibles is the VACUflex(re) EX-T. The company is expanding its product portfolio to prioritise sustainability and innovation.

The unique material is available in thicknesses from 80 to 175?m. It features a high oxygen barrier and offers outstanding machinability on all thermoforming machines, enabling a high production rate and high output.

When used in combination with films such as FlexTop(re), VACUflex(re) EX-T creates a packaging solution that is ideally suited to fulfil the demands of recyclability in the circular economy. The transparent, highly recyclable high-gloss film can be printed in up to ten colours and thus ensures attractive product presentation at the point of sale. It is suitable for a variety of products such as fresh and processed meat, fish, cheese, convenience foods and more.

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