• Lubricants have long been a necessary evil for prefillable syringes. They aid in reducing the injection force to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient, yet could also influence and harm the drug. Pharma packaging specialist SCHOTT has successfully tackled this challenge and presents syriQ BioPure® lubricant-free – the first prefillable glass syringe (PFS) that completely eliminates the need for silicone or similar substances. The new syringe will be available in the course of 2019.

    To meet the needs of the growing market for biologics that are ultra-sensitive to silicone, which applies to an estimated 10 to 15 percent of the pipeline, syriQ BioPure® lubricant-free refrains from siliconization of the syringe barrel. To still maintain a consistent gliding force, great emphasis was laid on an accurate geometry. The new syringes are made of FIOLAX® glass tubing that is 100 % inspected with the help of a big data process named perfeXion®, ensuring tight dimensions and a high cosmetic quality of each barrel. Silicone-free plungers and stoppers from leading component suppliers round out the concept and eliminate the risk of lubricants interacting with sensitive biologics. In addition, syriQ BioPure® lubricant-free also features ultra-low tungsten residuals as well as low adhesive residuals in the needle stake to limit the risk of Extractables & Leachables (E&L).

    “Quite often, pharmaceutical manufacturers opt to use vials instead of pre-filled syringes to avoid silicon contamination”, says Nicolas Eon, Global Product Manager at SCHOTT. “With syriQ BioPure® lubricant-free, we allow a new class of drugs to be manufactured and stored in PFS – a packaging class that offers a great way to save time for both patients and clinicians and reduce healthcare costs.”

    Source: SCHOTT

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