• Saica Flex, a division of Saica Group, has developed and placed in the market a detergent tablet pouch using recycled material. The pouch is produced using recycled Polyethylene (PE) and represents the first project where virgin resin has been successfully replaced by recycled resin in up to 45% of the total weight of the pack, making an important step towards the circular economy of plastic packaging.

    “This project shows our commitment towards achieving a truly circular economy, especially for plastic packaging, in line with the strategy set by the EU Commission. Today, the options to produce new high quality value-added packaging from recycled materials are still quite limited, and that’s why this project represents a major step forward”, said Miguel Yetano, Marketing Director, Saica Flex. “In order to move successfully towards an effective circular economy, a firm commitment to innovation and cooperation between all stakeholders in the supply chain is essential. Saica Flex’s new Greenheart packaging line represents our commitment to a sustainable production and consumption model”.

    Greenheart, the new packaging line from Saica Flex, allows the replacement of virgin PE with recycled PE in a wide range of non-food applications. In this particular project, the recycled content was successfully introduced to up to 45% of the total pack, obtaining pouches with similar characteristics to those produced with virgin materials and with optimum results both in the packaging conversion and in the form-fill-seal process.

    The recycled material is been provided by Saica Natur Cycle Plus, which produces a high quality recycled low density polyethylene resin (rLDPE) that can be used in the production of new primary packaging. Natur Cycle Plus resin is certified by EuCertPlast as 100% post-consumer recycled content.

    Source: Saica Flex

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