Reusable smart packaging ecosystem minimizes packaging waste


MIWA, a technology company based in Prague in the Czech Republic since 2014, has developed what it claims is a complete business ecosystem for smart-powered reusable packaging – an ecosystem based on a clean and effective way of selling goods while minimizing packaging waste. It has created a circular system of reusable capsules, which, by using smart technology, are adaptable for today’s logistics and fit the logistic and hygienic standards of today’s supermarket chains, it says.

The transport capsule is a 12 litre reusable container which circulates constantly between the food manufacturer, the store and the washing centre. After being filled it contains information about the product inside as well as preserving its freshness during distribution. Inside a thin, single use, recyclable plastic pouch ensures hygienic protection.

The modular shelf that holds the capsules containing the food is also equipped with smart technology to track inventory and expiry information. Smart valves calibrate the flow automatically. Consumers buy a MIWA cup and register it to access smart data and store food at home. It too can be recycled. The consumer downloads the app to access product information as well as learn how much packaging waste they have avoided.

The process is simple. Producers fill the reusable capsule, retailers arrange and display the capsules in the modular shelf and consumers utilize their MIWA cup and app to store and purchase the food. Once the retailer’s capsule is emptied, MIWA collects the capsule, cleans it, and returns it to the producer. MIWA claims to reduce the overall negative environmental impact of food processing by 71 percent.

The capsules were introduced into shops over a year ago and business is growing quickly, according to founder and CEO, Petr Baca. He is working with larger companies, such as Nestlé for further development and expansion. Currently, MIWA’s system is present in locations in Switzerland. Postponed due to the pandemic, MIWA is planned to expand into Germany and France.

Baca specifically explains that he wants MIWA to be a benefit for all users involved, businesses, and consumers alike. Producers, retailers, and shoppers are each engaging with the platform to connect on a shared goal of sustainability. “We hope,”he says, “to create benefits for all parts involved. For example in terms of logistics, shopping experience, and supply chain management as well.”The ultimate goal is normalizing reusable products.

Source : AIPIA News

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