P360 Insights Webinar – Recent Trends & Innovations In Packaging

Beginning 2020, the world has experienced something unprecedented in terms of global spread of the virus, threatening to disrupt all aspects of human life. However, undeterred by the sequence of events over the last six months, professionals across key sectors like FMCG, F&B, Pharmaceuticals have been working tirelessly to ensure continuous supply of essential commodities, food & beverages, fruits & vegetables & medicines to the consumer. In this chain, it is noteworthy mentioning that e-commerce platforms have emerged as a significant player.

A common thread joining all the various sectors & business platforms, including retail & e -commerce is ensuring hygienic & safe delivery of the product to the end -consumer.
Packaging materials & technology, therefore, has, emerged as the Savior in this time of crisis. E-commerce platforms & leading organizations across FMCG, pharmaceuticals & F&B sectors, continue to pursue their sustainability targets.

Somewhere, in the midst, the innovative mind has not stopped working & we find new solutions emerging & also some real out- of-box ideas, born out of intensive R&D efforts, which have the potential to become technologies of the future.

In this webinar, we attempt to capture recent trends, innovations & some futuristic examples, in the field of packaging materials & technology. We also take a sneak preview into the evolving of laws & standards & tools to establish sustainable packaging solutions & also look at how businesses will look at packaging materials from a sustainability angle. Each industry sector has its own perception of sustainability of packaging materials they deploy, with the ultimate objective of minimizing environmental impact.

You can register for the P360 Insight here.

Key Take Away of the Webinar

– Innovations in packaging materials & technology worldwide

– Applications in various sectors

– Approaches to evolution of sustainable packaging

– Summary of Sustainability evaluation tools.

– Summary of recent laws & regulations

– Potential of e commerce for developing sustainable packaging solutions

Target Audience
– Packaging Design & Development professionals

– Testing, Quality control & Safety professionals

– R&D scientists & technologists

– Sustainability practitioners

– E- commerce professionals

– Professionals in recycling business

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