Proseal to present tray sealers at 2019 IFFA exhibition

tray sealers

Two tray sealers that combine compact designs with high throughputs will be the major highlights of the Proseal stand at this year’s IFFA exhibition.

The tray sealing specialist will also demonstrate its ProTect security system as part of a detailed audit trail and highlight its ability to offer meat processors effective sustainability solutions.

Both the Proseal GT6e and GT1e deliver fast packing speeds within relatively small footprints, enabling the machines to integrate more easily into existing lines or fit into factory areas where space is at a premium, without compromising on production capacity. The GT6e is capable of sealing up to 160 atmospheric seal packs per minute (PPM) and 96 vacuum gas packs on an 8-impression tool, and the Twin Lane version offers speeds up to 240 atmospheric and 192 vacuum gas PPM. Speeds for the GT1e are up to 110 atmospheric PPM and 60 vacuum gas PPM on a 5-impression tool. At IFFA the GT6e will be gas flushing and the GT1e will seal skin packs.

Like all Proseal solutions, the design of the tray sealers has paid particular attention to hygiene, a vital factor for the meat and poultry sector. They feature a robust stainless-steel construction that can withstand frequent and rigorous cleaning, with full chemical specification machines available for applications requiring a chemical washdown. Another key focus of the design is the avoidance of spaces where food could become trapped or bacteria develop, while electrical components are well insulated for maximum protection during washdown.

The Proseal GT range has the flexibility to perform a wide range of heat seals, including MAP, Vacuum MAP, Skin, Skin Plus and Skin Deep, enabling meat and poultry processors to meet changing packaging trends. As part of this, at IFFA Proseal will be demonstrating its equipment’s skin packaging compatibility with new sustainable tray designs, including Halopack, the first fully gas-tight cardboard MAP packaging. Halopack is produced with renewable or recycled cardboard, offering a strong environmental profile and providing a higher barrier than standard PP-PE or PET packs to maintain product quality, extend shelf-life and minimise food waste.

In addition, Proseal’s E-seal® technology produces an increased seal force of 200% while achieving a 92% reduction in energy usage. This delivers further cost and sustainability benefits to processors and ensures the excellent seal reliability that meets the stringent quality requirements of the food retail sector. The system also improves MAP processes through accurate gas flush positioning and reducing gas flush cycle times, making it extremely efficient and enhancing shelf-life extension.

Retailer quality and safety requirements are further supported by Proseal’s ProTect security system for effective control of its equipment with no unauthorised access in order to protect machine settings. In addition, the system can perform audit functions and monitor changes, creating a digital archive of data that can also be exported to external computers for a comprehensive audit trail.

Source: Proseal

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